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Blame the Griffins – Really?


When about 250 citizens venture out on a cold night to hear about plans for the foreshores of West Basin one would expect that they would be taken seriously.

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Blue Poles at the museum


There is talk in the art world about the National Gallery of Australia’s (NGA) changes to their permanent collection galleries and how this has included the movement of the famous Jackson Pollock painting, Blue Poles, from its long historic position downstairs to the upstairs galleries.

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Quarterly Essay: Political Amnesia

Reviews: Quarterly Essay 60 — Political Amnesia

How we forgot how to govern, Laura Tingle, November 2015

qe60This is a recommended read for those with any sort of interest in how Australia has been and continues to be manged by the political ruling classes for the last couple of decades. I cannot say that anything Laura Tingle wrote about was shocking news, given my own experiences of dealing with governments and their bureaucracies,  but her insights and observations are definitely worth the read.

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Marie Coleman and Turnbull’s FTB

I suspect that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is still locked into appeasing those on the far right that this country needs to reduce its spending on the social welfare programs. There is little evidence that the Turnbull government is looking to have the top wealthy few and big business pay their share of taxes and thus increase the revenue.

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bureaucrats lack empathy

Costigan-P1120577It was during a recent North Canberra Community Council meeting that I realised I was hearing something very rare. The presenter was talking about fairly matter-of-fact issues to do with changes to local traffic lights and footpaths and it sounded as though she identified with the issues being dealt with.

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George Monbiot on Greece

George-Monbiot-LWe have endured several days of stuff written by the junk journalist writing on the Greece decision to reject the demands of the Intentional Monetary Fund. The Greeks voted no and the journalists have reproduced the media releases of those with ties to the Big Banks. It has taken a few days but at last some real journalism is appearing on this important topic.

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The Brandis Heist

brandis_0There are too many amazing horrible things about the current Australian national government. The arts have not been treated seriously by this lot since they came into government. They did not even bother to have an arts policy at their last election. Then with absolutely no notice or consultations, Brandis has ripped a huge amount of the funds from the Australia Council for his own departmental funding program. Click on the image for the story.

Jon Stanhope & ALP asylum policy

An ethical person speaks out

No CaptionI met Jon Stanhope a couple of times when he was Chief Minister for the ACT. Canberra benefited from his leadership. He continues to be a person known for his strong ethical stance on important issues.

He also liked public art – but that program was killed off because of the Liberal Party trolls who used the media to hammer the program.

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Dickson Planning Consultation Dilemmas

Development dilemmas: part three
The future of the Dickson Precinct and beyond


This is the third of several posts on planning and development issues for Dickson in Canberra. Residential groups around the country share similar frustrations, dilemmas and challenges in dealing with planning and development bureaucracies.

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Journalism, Nut Jobs and Terrorists

rabbott01When it comes to most main stream media outlets, I have no positive expectations that they will be able to report on events with any credibility. The best one can do is to note the event and if you require relevant background information, then you need to search around and possibly wait a day or two for some of the real journalism to offer opinions and their take on events.

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Team Australia Strikes at Democracy

The nastiness of Abbott’s and Morrison’s Team Australia

rabbott01When the Australian Government’s spokesperson, Tony Abbott announced in August, that we all had to be part of Team Australia, we all knew what it meant. From his perspective, you were either with ‘us’, or you are against ‘us’. This government is about inequity and being plain nasty to anyone it deems not to be part of their agenda – Team Australia.

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Women and Carbon Tax

The Abbott as Minister not for Woman

1419301353603As 2014 draws to an end, the Credlin Government spokesperson, Tony Abbott, went on TV to talk positive about the changes to the Ministerial portfolios just announced. It was supposed to be an opportunity to finish the year with a positive after being such a crap government all through 2014.

But he blew it. Again! Boss Credlin will be very unhappy. Again!

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Hockey meanness

The meanness of Joe Hockey

and his continued destruction of Australia’s way of life

Baz-P1020496If there was anyone left in Australia, who for one minute thought that the current Australian Federal Treasurer was anything but a mean and nasty politician, then all they had to do was observe his latest crimes. This man looks after his rich mates especially Big Coal, Banks and Big Miners; looks after this who pull his strings and keep him in power, Murdoch and their cohorts; and does all this by stripping back opportunities for health and well-being from those most disadvantaged.

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J J Cale and political leaders

Comment on musicians making political messages

J_J_Cale-To_Tulsa_And_Back-FrontalI have commented before about musicians who have used their music to make political comments. Sometime the relevance of a former song can still ring true to today’s political situations.

The song I ma referring to is a tune by J.J Cale, The Problem. It is from his wonderful 2004 Album To Tulsa and Back.

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Quarterly Essay – Clivosaurus

Review: Book

Quarterly Essay 56 – Clivosaurus

The politics of Clive Palmer, Guy Rundle, November 2014

9781863957014It has been extremely difficulty over the last year or so to get a clear picture of what the hell is going on with Australian Federal politics given the rise and rise of people such as Clive Palmer and his new PUPs – being the other members of the Palmer United Party. The  problem has been the reporting by the Australian media. They took the attitude early on to not treat Clive Palmer seriously. This book deals with this issue very nicely. It is a good read.

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Be Very Afraid of the Rabbott

Australia where strange things keep happening!

rabbott01It is hard to believe that the once forward thinking country of Australia has a majority of voters who have allowed the country to be run by dangerous idiots. I am not referring to the stooges who were elected, but to the nasty people of Big Coal, Big Tobacco, Big Banks, Big Developers and their planning friends, Big Supermarkets and Murdoch and his camp followers – and there are many.

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Obama and the Realities of the Media

Comment on the main stream press churnalism

1035x1454-20141007_obama2_x548Australia, as with most western countries, suffers because of the death of real journalism. This has been mentioned before in particular with Nick Davies’ book, Flat Earth News – click here.

In Australia the main stream press is quite diligent in ensuring that any real social equity and justice issues are panned as being not relevant if they are mentioned at all. The media have a history of defining and then pursuing a neo-conservative agenda.

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My Story Julia Gillard

Announcement: New Book

Julia Gillard’s – My Story

my storyHappy to promote this book. This story remains complex. There have been several thoughtful reviews of the book published online. As well as the usual crap from the mainstream media, who were part of the problem during Julia Gillard’s time as Prime Minister.  Sara Dowse has provided an intelligent and insightful review that is definitely worth reading. click here.


Dirty Politics

Comments: on the sad state of politics

max-P1020481Here in Australia we have suffered a series of dirty political events that have led to the election of one of the worst possible national governments. However it always an education to pop one’s head up over the wall to look to see how other countries are faring.

Here are links to two bad cases mentioned in recent articles.

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Big Corporations and Inequity

Comment: More on Corporations and Inequity

1a34098uI had reviewed Andrew Leigh’s very good 2013 book, Battlers & Billionairesclick here. Just this week there has been announcements from an American campaign that is raining voices about the control the corporate elite have on the country and how this is destroying the planet and our civil societies. click here

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