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Our Dog Shakey

The problems with our new dog Shakey

shakey-P1050447We live in a street that is inhabited by many dogs. Nearly every neighbour, near and far, has a pooch.

Most of these animals are quiet. Full credit to their owners. But we have the honour of having a couple that do let their presence be known with some barking. I have posted before about not so nice dogs and their owners. (click here) Continue reading Our Dog Shakey

Fiction Gallery: Andre Woollie

Gallery Fiction: Andre Woollie Associates

Do you know anyone like Andre Woollie? Mr smooth operator!

Andre-WoollieI was told the other day that if anyone hosts a corporate function that includes government agencies chiefs, developer big boys and include the local architectural design type consultants, and you can be guaranteed that  there will always be an Andre Wollie in attendance.

Apparently guys such as Andre Woollie are just the men for any project. Everyone knows that Andre Wollie Associates are currently seen as the trend setting consultants for the new modern city places. Their success is an example of good marketing despite the reality of just how ordinary their work is.

I was told that firms such as Andre Wollie Associates are in demand by agencies managers who have close ties to their architecture developer mates. They recognise the wonderful co-operative approach always taken by the Andre Wollie Associates in delivering just the right layers of green wash to any project. Continue reading Fiction Gallery: Andre Woollie

Fiction Gallery Natasha Prinsloo

Fiction Gallery: Natasha Prinsloo

Do you know a Natasha Prinsloo? A real charmer!

natashia-P1020492Some people just do not mature well. Natasha Prinsloo returned to university at around age 28, graduating in her thirties. Therefore even though she is in fact a fairly recent graduate, she has come to be treated as a more experienced and a senior member of the art world.

Natasha quickly grew aware of being able to pretend to be far more senior than she is, and has  taken on the persona of a senior professional. Given that she is able to ‘charm’ the more naive men around her, her employers and her clients, this has meant she rose quickly to a middle management job.

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The Fiction Gallery : Burt Roddick

Fiction Gallery: Burt Roddick,  dreams of being James Bond

Do you know Burt and Barbs Roddick?

Burt3-P1020518Burt Roddick is usually grumpy about something at all the meetings he regularly attends. On the surface it seems that he wants to be fussy about some vital details. Whereas most people have learnt that this is just his way of keeping attention on himself as one who needs to ask questions and therefore avoid any real intelligent input.

To anyone else, this behaviour by Burt is recognised as being pedantic, not very helpful, or simply that he is unpleasant.

Just being grumpy is actually good behaviour for Burt Roddick. He is far better known for being an in-your-face bully and for being obnoxious if you dare to disagree with him. This rude behaviour happens often as most intelligent people find they easily differ with the reality that is Burt Roddick’s world. Continue reading The Fiction Gallery : Burt Roddick

The Fiction Gallery: Zoe Crabtree

Fiction Gallery: Zoe Crabtree, A Life of Contrariness

Do you know Zoe Crabtree?

Zoe-P1020487Most well established arts organisations have experienced the presence of a particular zealous, fanatical and contrary personality. Zoe Crabtree is such a person.

Zoe is a very intensely keen member who has chaired several sub-committees that are concerned with significant issues.

Zoe is a person of adequate intelligence, is in a senior middle management position,  has sway over the lives of others and has developed a reasonably profile within her immediate arena of work. This profile is usually concentrated around her colleagues and the associated circles of influence.

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The Fiction Gallery: Penelope Jones

Fiction Gallery: Penelope Jones,  An important princess

Do you know Penelope Jones?

Penelope is an important person.

princess-3Penelope Jones attends gallery board meetings as well as numerous other ‘important’ committees that are obviously very important committees for her to be on. Nobody is quite sure why Penelope is on these committees other than historically she has always been in the right place at the right times to be offered such appointments.

When Penelope attends meeting she performs as the most important and best informed person in the room. She always insists on having final word on things as she believes that with her academic background and knowledge of all the global issues, she is best placed to be the one that everyone should look up to any meeting or  debate. Penelope Jones is an important person.

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The Fiction Gallery: Patrick Henderson

Fiction Gallery: Patrick Henderson: On being not here

Do you now a Patrick Henderson?


Patrick Henderson attends meetings called to carry out the business of the gallery for which he is a company director.

When Patrick sits at the table he remains very alert to the presence of his mobile and aware that there may be emails, text messages and tweets that require his attention.

Patrick’s commitment to these distractions is such that he cannot ignore them. Because of his lack of control of the technology, poor Patrick has become one of the many who are physically present somewhere but are rarely mentally completely there.

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