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A day out in Braidwood

Making the time out to visit regionally

Earlier this month we ventured out for the day to meet a friend at Braidwood. She was from the south coast and so Braidwood meant we both travelled just over an hour.

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ACT Government in conflict of interest

There’s a massive urban development on the western edge of Canberra (beyond Belconnen) called Ginninderry. There are a lot of good things being done by the developer at Ginninderry. But it is hard not to notice issues around the ACT government’s involvement as a partner. It is a very dubious arrangement.

I wrote about this in City News – click here.

Rural Health

Rural Health and the Budget 2014-15
making it work beyond the Big End of Town

logoMuch of the response to the Federal Budget has been on the extent to which the proposed cuts and savings would affect those who are already vulnerable.

In health, the main focus has been on a potential co-payment for people who are bulk-billed. Access to primary care is critical – and it should not be forgotten that some people have no access to general practitioners at all. Underlying the whole Budget strategy are questions about whether the challenges in Australia’s fiscal circumstance have been exaggerated and, if so, for what purpose and to what effect.  click here for more