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The Art Newspaper – Wrong about The Bishop Museum


An open letter to The Art Newspaper( 29 July) plus correspondence (5 August 2016)

Over many years I have accessed the Art Newspaper and when appropriate have either passed on links or have posted articles online that have links back to the Art Newspaper.

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Obama and the Realities of the Media

Comment on the main stream press churnalism

1035x1454-20141007_obama2_x548Australia, as with most western countries, suffers because of the death of real journalism. This has been mentioned before in particular with Nick Davies’ book, Flat Earth News – click here.

In Australia the main stream press is quite diligent in ensuring that any real social equity and justice issues are panned as being not relevant if they are mentioned at all. The media have a history of defining and then pursuing a neo-conservative agenda.

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Hack Attack Nick Davies

2nd Notice: New Book
Hack Attack by Nick Davies

hack-attackJust to remind you that this book is worth reading. Sadly the ending is a bit depressing in that Nick considers the power elite have reshuffled a little but carry on a s before.

It has also been interesting to read the story of Rebecca Brooks. The question has been posed elsewhere, was she just a user of the corporate and political systems in order to climb the ladder to join the ranks of those in power?

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Michael Moore of Canberra

Commentary: Articles by Michael Moore of Canberra

Michael-Moore-175x1751I have mentioned articles written by a local, Michael Moore. While he holds down a very busy job in health, he continues to devote serious time to punching out thoughtful articles in one of the local free newspapers. They are most welcomed.

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The Saturday Paper

Review: Media


I am recommending that you read a couple of articles in last weekend’s Saturday Paper. As a general comment, The Saturday Paper is a good read. At times the combined effect of their well written articles about current issues can be a little depressing.  Australia’s has one of its worst governments and most commentators are doing the right thing in examining just how much trouble these people are causing the country. It is not good news. My preference is that I would like to see more regular articles on the visual arts!

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Annabel Crabb

Comment: Book Reviews
Annabel Crabb and the reviews of Hilary Clinton’s Book, Hard Choices

There’s a good chance that I will not buy Hilary Clinton’s Book, Hard Choices. I admit to not reading any of these large political biographies. I do however often follow the media’s comments on such productions to sense just how the media treats the authors (even if they are mostly ghost writers).

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Doing Murdoch’s dirty work

Comment: On how the ABC continues to do Murdoch’s dirty work.

ABC-Fergusin-SenatorA couple of nights ago on the ABC’s 7.30 Report, the program’s presenter, Sarah Ferguson, interviewed the Palmer United Party senator-elect Dio Wang. Much has been made of this interview with much scorn heaped on Dio Wang for his somewhat naive responses and that he stated he was not across many of the financial details that Sarah Ferguson indicated that he should have been.

For me this was of little interest compared to the far more serious issue at play.

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The News, A Reader’s Manual

Review: Book
The News, A Reader’s Manual. Alain De Botton

news-botton-cover_2821270aI have pondered on how to react to this little book. It is not really a User’s Manual. It is more of a reality check on what is happening with the news and those who publish it every minute of the day and night.

I recommend this book to anyone interested in thinking again about the news and how news is selected and presented. However I suggest that if you are such a person, then there is a good chance that you are the sort of person who is thinking along these lines already. So why read this book?

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America the Beautiful

The truth is out there

Follow Up to previous post on this subject – Click here

Last week I wrote about the Superbowl advertising and how the Coca Cola advertisement had caused a backlash from the right-wing nut jobs. This of course was good advertising for Coke.

Click here for my original post.

The nut jobs launched themselves online to go on about how English is the language for America. Well that’s what they say. The same groups are anti everything else; gay marriage, equal right, migration – the lists goes on.

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superbowl advertisements

Comment: on the wonders of two 2014 Superbowl advertisements

Super-bowl-2014-game-Metlife-StadiumFirst a declaration. I know almost nothing about sport. I have no interest in sport. The whole ‘Superbowl’ thing is  of interest in a very limited basis in that it is such a weird cultural phenomenon. It and large sporting events like it are way beyond my interest and understanding.

In the lead up to the 2014 Superbowl I noticed the occasional comment relating to how people were looking forward to viewing the Superbowl advertisements. This I found very strange.

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Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

Be Afraid, be Very Afraid of balance as provided by the ABC


Once upon a time I was a rusted on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) watcher. I relied on the ABC, and SBS, for most of my news and current affairs.

Over time as a reaction to the style of gotcha journalism that became the norm on the ABC, radio and TV, I started watching less and less. Today as the result of this quiet reduction in watching and listening to the ABC, I have found that I now routinely do not watch or listen to the ABC.

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Opinion: what is the government doing?

and now we have a misuse of the term Judea-Christian

I would recommend first reading the Wikipedia contributions on the use of the term, Judea-Christian (click on the image).

This term, Judea-Christian, is  being thrown about by our Rabbott government and its appointed camp followers who are to review the yet to be implemented National Schools Curriculum.

There is now doubt that this carefully orchestrated use  of the term Judea-Christian is in fact a nasty stirring up of discrimination.

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Cultural Writing

Opinion: Cultural Criticism

The current state of Cultural Reviews and Critical Comment


Recently the Guardian ran an opinion piece on the Barangaroo development on the eastern edge of Sydney’s CBD. The author pointed out that she had been involved in the project.

I suggest that the author failed to declare that they had been more than just simply ‘involved’. In fact they had been a leading professional on the team that had won the design competition, that had then seen their designs criticised publicly by people such as Paul Keating, then had their wining design rejected by the client and a new design developed and the contracts awarded to other teams.

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The Media

Opinion: The state of Australian Media

The Democracy experiment continues to be under threat

An article from the Asia Sentinel hits the mark on the media issues in Australia.

A milestone of a dubious kind was passed in Australia recently when it was discovered that the number of public relations practitioners had for the first time exceeded the number of journalists actually working as reporters and editors. (Hamish McDonald)

The full article is a good read. Click here.


Review: Magazine Article

The Monthly November 2013, The Power of One, Robert Manne

monthly-nov2013Before I picked up this issue of The Monthly,  I knew that the great democracy experiment was not doing so well. I appreciated that Australia, along with the UK and USA, is now dominated by the political views and priorities of one person, Rupert Murdoch. I knew that in Australia the governments that are elected are more likely to be those chosen by one man; or to be more accurate, those that fall are more likely to have been pushed, or destroyed, by one person and his empire.

I did not think I needed to read another article about Rupert Murdoch. I knew enough already. I was wrong.

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Flat Earth News

Review: Book

Flat Earth News, Nick Davies 2009

Just when you though the media and news reporting was crap, along comes a book that proves your worst thoughts on current journalism.

Nick Davies went out on limb as he has criticised his own profession. I suspect he did not win too many friends.

He was reporting on the facts based on his own research and experiences from inside the tent on what had happened to contemporary journalism and why we are now subject to so much ‘churnalism’. Continue reading Flat Earth News

Truth is out there?

Julia’s ‘murderous rage’

An article in a paper today by Alecia Simmonds stopped me in my tracks.

In the piece she discusses the reporting of the conversation between Anne Summers and Julia Gillard in Sydney. Alecia questions why the reporting concentrated on the statement by Julia when she referred to ‘murderous rage’. Alecia point was that such reporting was about manufacturing controversy yet again. There remains so many celebratory aspects of this event to be highlighted and discussed but too many reporters have yet again chosen to concentrate on making a headline as some form of criticism.

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