Blame everyone else

Amazingly Stupid People can still get headlines

Yes those retail dinosaurs are still with us.

All those stupid consumers were supposed to spend up big after the recent federal election. The election of the Rabbott was supposed to bring about a boost to consumer confidence.

Can hear him asking just what’s the problem with those bloody consumers?  Why do they not want to spend their money at these old style retailers?  He wants to add to his billions. Why won’t those bloody consumers help him out?

Could it be that the Rabbott government has said that they will make life hard for so many people. They are threatening to tightening things so much that retailers are seeing people hang on to that extra cash in case it is needed for that day of doom when the consequences of the last election hit home. After all Rabbott and Hockey did go into the last election going on and on and on and on about the HUGE Debt and Deficit Crisis.

Or maybe more people are fed up with the lack of service in so many of these top retailers.

And then he complains again about all that red tape caused by workers in Australia wanting to have a real wage and to have protection from shonky retailers. Just cannot see what the problem is here!

read this and weep. (or laugh)

and given the constant grips about the workforce – read this article in the Guardian and see where the blame needs to be shafted.

The advice as usual,  spend your money wisely on things you really need as opposed to more stuff at cheap prices.

and be calm as apparently the world is not coming to end.

Just have a nice cup of tea.


Paul Costigan, November 2014

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