Opinion: what is the government doing?

and now we have a misuse of the term Judea-Christian

I would recommend first reading the Wikipedia contributions on the use of the term, Judea-Christian (click on the image).

This term, Judea-Christian, is  being thrown about by our Rabbott government and its appointed camp followers who are to review the yet to be implemented National Schools Curriculum.

There is now doubt that this carefully orchestrated use  of the term Judea-Christian is in fact a nasty stirring up of discrimination.

The perception is that the target are those other non christian religions that now are to be portrayed as evil, as linked to terrorism and anything else to divide the multicultural nature of the Australian society.

rabbott01In fact the real aim is to appease all those who voted the Rabbott and his clutch of followers into government. This exercise is to look after the conservatives, the right-wing think tanks, and the Murdoch media. The process is to stir up troubles. And then having caused the doubts and unrest,  he Rabbott government will then be able to provide a solution. Namely a much better curriculum based on whatever they define Judea-Christian values to be. Who knows?

It is time to be indeed Afraid, to be Very Afraid.

Please read the very good article on this in The Conversation
and thank whatever god you like for The Conversation and its evidence based articles.


Paul Costigan, 17 January 2014



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