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The Rabbott’s Lies and More Lies

Opinion: The lies and more lies and mindless spin of the Rabbott Government

rabbitt01The present government must hold the record for the amount of lies and the level of stupid and patronising spin. While their high levels of lies and misrepresentation worked to get them into government, it seems that they had convinced themselves that such high levels of crap would continue to fool the people who voted for them.

Apparently not so.

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Brisbane’s South Bank Corporate Equity

Comment: On equity gone missing!

Brisbane’s South Bank Corporation’s lack of equity in their management


It was while researching the background on my pieces on Brisbane and in particular on the South Bank Corporation, that I was checking on its corporate status when I came across a rude piece of evidence on the corporation. Continue reading Brisbane’s South Bank Corporate Equity

Status of Women 2014

Nine Stories on the Status of Women

The first story was told to me about a proposal being put to someone’s recent board meeting suggesting that the organisation needed to do far more about the status of women in their particular workforce. That is, along with the business councils in Australia,  the organisation could devise some manner by which annually they recognise and award the female achievers.

In a world of inequity, the reactions should not have been so surprising.

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social media and narcissism

Opinion: Social Media and Narcissism

130611122111-largeWhat does it take to bring out even further that narcissist behaviour that occasionally surfaces within social and business interactions? By my reckoning, not much.

I have witnessed that when a certain group in society gains access to any social media, or online forums, or even reply sections online, that with very little encouragement, they quickly plunge headlong into some of the worst troll like and uncivilized behaviour.

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Fiction Gallery Natasha Prinsloo

Fiction Gallery: Natasha Prinsloo

Do you know a Natasha Prinsloo? A real charmer!

natashia-P1020492Some people just do not mature well. Natasha Prinsloo returned to university at around age 28, graduating in her thirties. Therefore even though she is in fact a fairly recent graduate, she has come to be treated as a more experienced and a senior member of the art world.

Natasha quickly grew aware of being able to pretend to be far more senior than she is, and has  taken on the persona of a senior professional. Given that she is able to ‘charm’ the more naive men around her, her employers and her clients, this has meant she rose quickly to a middle management job.

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Big Tobacco

Opinion: Big Tobacco and big lies

Australia has the tobacco plain packaging legislation due to the wonderful work by the former health minister, Nicola Roxon.

This landmark piece of legislation, hailed internationally, fitted well with her belief  that “governments have got a role to make sure they can help people in circumstances they can’t control – either through their health failing or an accident”.

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The Fiction Gallery : Burt Roddick

Fiction Gallery: Burt Roddick,  dreams of being James Bond

Do you know Burt and Barbs Roddick?

Burt3-P1020518Burt Roddick is usually grumpy about something at all the meetings he regularly attends. On the surface it seems that he wants to be fussy about some vital details. Whereas most people have learnt that this is just his way of keeping attention on himself as one who needs to ask questions and therefore avoid any real intelligent input.

To anyone else, this behaviour by Burt is recognised as being pedantic, not very helpful, or simply that he is unpleasant.

Just being grumpy is actually good behaviour for Burt Roddick. He is far better known for being an in-your-face bully and for being obnoxious if you dare to disagree with him. This rude behaviour happens often as most intelligent people find they easily differ with the reality that is Burt Roddick’s world. Continue reading The Fiction Gallery : Burt Roddick

Reading Books

Opinion: Reading a Novel?

Re-post from WIRED: Reading a Novel Alters Your Brain Connectivity — So What? By Christian Jarrett

So you have just finished your summer break and have taken the time to read a few books. Hopefully the pile of unread books has come down a little, or did you also buy up during Christmas?

Having read a book or two, hopefully your brain will have been stimulated. It starts you thinking. Keen to read another? And then you had to return to work!

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Opinion: Domestic dogs and their owners

It was while staying with friends on holidays that I took the opportunity to occasionally take their dog for its evening walk. The dog is a very friendly and well-behaved golden retriever. While walking this happy animal I was reminded of the feelings I have sometimes when approaching a person walking a dog. It happened a couple of times that I could see people move out-of-the-way as I approached with the dog.

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The Fiction Gallery: Zoe Crabtree

Fiction Gallery: Zoe Crabtree, A Life of Contrariness

Do you know Zoe Crabtree?

Zoe-P1020487Most well established arts organisations have experienced the presence of a particular zealous, fanatical and contrary personality. Zoe Crabtree is such a person.

Zoe is a very intensely keen member who has chaired several sub-committees that are concerned with significant issues.

Zoe is a person of adequate intelligence, is in a senior middle management position,  has sway over the lives of others and has developed a reasonably profile within her immediate arena of work. This profile is usually concentrated around her colleagues and the associated circles of influence.

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Workplace Bullying

Opinion: Workplace Bullying

An emphasis on the Not For Profit Sector

It was after a couple of conversations in the last months with people with whom I was able share experiences about bullying in various workplaces, that I have decided to make research in this area one of my ongoing topics.

As I have spent most of my working life in the Not For Profit sector I am including this sector as part of the main focus of this research.

This line of research and subsequent comments will be a ‘work in progress’.

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Cultural Writing

Opinion: Cultural Criticism

The current state of Cultural Reviews and Critical Comment


Recently the Guardian ran an opinion piece on the Barangaroo development on the eastern edge of Sydney’s CBD. The author pointed out that she had been involved in the project.

I suggest that the author failed to declare that they had been more than just simply ‘involved’. In fact they had been a leading professional on the team that had won the design competition, that had then seen their designs criticised publicly by people such as Paul Keating, then had their wining design rejected by the client and a new design developed and the contracts awarded to other teams.

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Canberra Urbanity: Marsden Street

An Anniversary

About two years ago, during 2010 – 2011, this quiet residential area in the inner north of Canberra was the battle ground over a very silly proposed redevelopment of two blocks of land.


Once the residents had been through the tribunal process, and before the decisions were handed down, the complex chain of events was documented. It is called Do Onto Others.

It is a long read – click here.

Melbourne Cup Canberra Style

The Tale of the Moving Holiday

Celebrating Melbourne Cup in Canberra – or not

Melbourne Cup Day in Canberra has a curious history. Here’s a short take on it.

Back in days past, Canberra used to have a special union holiday in March called something such as Family and Community Picnic Day. With the rise of conservative governments, it was thought more proper to not have a holiday linked to those ‘dreaded unions’. It was decided instead to provide a more celebratory event for all of the Canberra’s population, not just the union membership.

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Laura Tingle Great Expectations

Review: Book

Great Expectations, Government, Entitlement and an Angry Nation, Laura Tingle 2013
an expanded version of her previous Quarterly Essay

The beginning of the 21st Century is a time when something changed in society due to a rise in the lack of civility and anger over expectations not being addressed. This unrest has surfaced within the larger political debates as well as in more discrete arenas such as companies, community groups, societies and associations.

The media has had a great time fueling this dissatisfaction through the constant emphasis on problems, large, small and imaginary, about our  governments. Continue reading Laura Tingle Great Expectations

Battlers & Billionaires

Review: Book

Battlers & Billionaires, Andrew Leigh 2013

lc-leadn-malone-20130720164836879543-300x0Have you been wondering whether Australia is that egalitarian society we keep talking about especially in comparisons with other western societies?

As I write this review we are witnessing a millionaire, Clive Palmer, use his wealth to buy personal power in the Australian Parliament. At the same time the millionaire clan of Gina Rinehart and her children are locked in some court battle over a family feud over their millions. Continue reading Battlers & Billionaires

The Village season one

Review: TV Program 2013

The Village viewed on DVD

The Village 2013I commenced watching this program with some doubts thinking here we go again with more north country grime, bleakness and seriousness. Actually the first episode was more or less that. But somehow having Maxine Peake as a main character begged me to stick with it.

And I was very glad I did. This one built slowly but once the characters develop and the plot expands in complexities, it demands watching in rapid succession – late nights resulted.

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Take Your Best Shot

Review: Book

Take Your Best Shot, The Prime Ministership of Julia Gillard, Jaqueline Kent 2013

It was a very strange three or so years in Australian politics. It remains difficult to make sense of it all.

The media, Tony Rabbot, Kevin Rudd and his ruddites and the shock jocks all part of the murky times. Then there was the uncivilised behaviour that morphed into accepted everyday behaviour and all those supposedly close colleagues who turn on you. What a time for anyone!

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The Prince

Review: Quarterly Essay, The Prince, Faith, Abuse and George Pell.
David Marr, September 2013

This is one of those essays that I picked up knowing some of this story and already having opinions on religion in Australia, the associated politics and the horrible abuse issues.

I read this essay in one sitting and was totally taken aback by the details of events and the nasty side of human behaviour as told by David Marr.

This is recommended reading for anyone interested in the story of where this country has been and the issues we are yet to deal with properly. Continue reading The Prince