Leadership: This church sign says it all


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rabbott01Seems our own Rabbott has made some members of the church community very concerned about how his government is treating people arriving by boats.

The government is ignoring the fact that these people have taken great risks to escape their countries of birth in order to seek peace and security, only to be met by our own Rabbott government’s hard line and uncivil response.

Rabbott believes in being nasty – the church thinks we can be generous.


There was also a very interesting posting online in response to the Prime Minister’s  ideological approach to these humanitarian issues. This posting was from a friend of our Rabbott. Here the beginning of the piece:


Asylum seekers – Tony Abbott and I share a Jesuit education.
John O’Mara, Posted on January 13, 2014 by John Menadue

Like many Australians, I look on the way the Abbott government is handling the matter of asylum seekers with ever increasing dismay. Tony Abbott’s mantra “stop the boats”, is unprincipled, contrary to signed UN agreements and impractical. It is hard to erase the pre-election memory of the Western Sydney interviewee..”I’m going to vote for Abbott, because he’ll stop the boats “.

What dismays me most is that Tony and I shared an educational experience at the hands of the Jesuits and then a friendship that reaches back almost 40 years.

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Paul Costigan, 3 February 2014



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