Global Warning on Coloured Hair Dyes

Alert Alert – it may be time to panic!

There’s an alert in circulation globally about the use of a particular hair dyes by aging business men.

Evidence has shown that a yet to be identified coloured hair dye may be effecting particular aging men. This alert needs to be brought to the attention of those business men who colour their hair while they have been called on to perform ethically in corporations that have been established to benefit the people of Australia.

David Murray is one such business man. He has been trusted with the running of Australia’s multi-billion dollar Future Fund. Yet is capable of making statements that deny climate change and worse still has attacked the integrity of scientists.

If on the crucial issues of climate and science he is incapable of providing intelligent leadership, how could anyone expect him to be capable of making objective and ethical decisions for such an important public financial institution.

The only answer is that he has also denied the science of going grey and has used a special orange hair dye as a form of denial.  This requires a special commission of inquiry to identify the brand before others may also be effected.

And just when we thought we had identified part of the problem, there is the serious possibility that dangers of hair dye may apply to other colours. For instance it has been noted that Kevin Andrews, the former Howard government immigration minister, has been using a particular intensive (may be that should be insensitive) black dye to deny that he had immigrated from youth to aging.  Maybe this is why the then Minister for Minister for Immigration and Citizenship continues to this day even in his current role to make many flawed decisions.

It is important that we all alert others of this global danger and make everyone aware that such deniers are out there making flawed judgements on our behalf.

There could be no other sensible reason why such people perform as fools.

It must be a particular hair dye that does it!  Or is that flawed science?

All this stupidity and naivety needs to be checked.

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