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Women taking on-going hits

Commentary: on the on-going inequities

croakeyCroakey author, Michelle Hughes, highlighted the ongoing inequities within the health science arena – click here.

I identify with her final comment on the selection of keynote speakers as the issue of getting women as key-note speakers was a focus of mine in the past.  I did come up with a strategy to deal with it. See my notes below.

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Women take another hit

Commentary: on how the women of Australia have been hit (again) by so-called education reforms.

jane_caroOne wonders just how long all thinking Australians are going to put up with so many terrible decisions being made by a federal cabinet that has just the one token woman present. Jane Caro has written a very good piece in the Guardian on how that stupid Education Minister is putting into place even more barriers to equity in employment. click here.


Paul Costigan, 11 August 2014


Opinion: The High Court Judgement on Marriage

Interesting to hear the mainstream media go on about the high court decision on marriage equality. Yes the ACT legislation was voted down by the judges.

But the real story is how the judges went further and made the call on what the court will allow to be constitutionally recognised as marriage when the Australian Parliament decides to get its act together and do the logical thing.

Under the judgement by the high court, once the National Parliament has passed the inevitable changes, the high court will not stand in the way of the changes, that is there will be no avenue for a challenge by all those vexatious religious types.

David Marr is on the case and has provided a neat summary of what really happened with this quiet landmark ruling by  high court – here is his article from the Guardian.

Misogyny Factor

Book Review

The Misogyny Factor, Anne Summers

It was a month or so after our First Women Prime Minister had been removed from her position and following a number of not so nice events in my own life that I had started to wonder just what is happening to our Australian way of life and culture. What has happened to civility and respect.

There is a generation or two who seem to think that feminism is a cause now won and we should move on.

I find that certain men and women are fully capable of all sorts of weasel words about equality and the role of women in the workplace and act as if they champion such matters. Continue reading Misogyny Factor