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Zoe’s Law

Opinion: on the moves to the right

There’s a piece in the Guardian today that says it all. I agree. We need to think this through and resist this blatant undermining of rights.

Here’s the article. and the headline:

Make no mistake: Zoe’s law is an assault on women’s reproductive rights. It’s not a coincidence that those who design ‘foetal personhood’ bills are often associated with anti-abortion beliefs. Australian women have to fight back.

My difference of opinion would be on her statement “Australian women have to fight back”. This is for everyone, men and women, to be concerned about.

Misogyny Factor

Book Review

The Misogyny Factor, Anne Summers

It was a month or so after our First Women Prime Minister had been removed from her position and following a number of not so nice events in my own life that I had started to wonder just what is happening to our Australian way of life and culture. What has happened to civility and respect.

There is a generation or two who seem to think that feminism is a cause now won and we should move on.

I find that certain men and women are fully capable of all sorts of weasel words about equality and the role of women in the workplace and act as if they champion such matters. Continue reading Misogyny Factor