Take Your Best Shot

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Take Your Best Shot, The Prime Ministership of Julia Gillard, Jaqueline Kent 2013

It was a very strange three or so years in Australian politics. It remains difficult to make sense of it all.

The media, Tony Rabbot, Kevin Rudd and his ruddites and the shock jocks all part of the murky times. Then there was the uncivilised behaviour that morphed into accepted everyday behaviour and all those supposedly close colleagues who turn on you. What a time for anyone!

Jacqeline Kent’s Penguin Special (meaning quick and concise read) helps in this process. You are still left with the words rolling around in your head: WTF! What was that all about. And what did Simon Crean think he was doing?

Recommended for a one sitting read: Rating 8/10

from the publishers own words – I agree with the summary:

No Australian prime minister has had to face such a difficult and challenging political environment as did Julia Gillard.

Her impressive legislative record was overshadowed by pitched battles with jealous rivals and a remarkably hostile media, as well as her own struggles to communicate effectively with the public.

Following her successful The Making of Julia Gillard, award-winning biographer Jacqueline Kent analyses our first woman prime minister’s tumultuous term in office, drawing on a range of views and including an exclusive new interview with Gillard herself.

Take Your Best Shot is an insightful, revelatory and immensely readable account of Julia Gillard’s leadership – and its abrupt ending.

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