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Without You

Review: TV program on DVD
Without You with Ann Friel, on DVD – three-part mini series.

without-you-dvd-sleeve-anna-friel-28079907-1023-1446 This three-part mini series was viewed in one sitting on a cold and wet Saturday evening.

The story’s focus is how a married woman copes with the sudden death of her husband of 12 years. To that add that she quickly has doubts about the car accident. She has to also deal with the doubts and stories about whether he was being unfaithful.

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Review: TV series on DVD


scandal800Trash TV is alive and well. There is real trash such as Revenge (a review some time soon). Then there are programs such as Scandal that come with a fictional framework with a touch of reality, that really tries to be serious, but moves back and forth from potentially being a reasonable political crime drama to a fluffy and unrealistic soap opera. It can be fun to watch but depends on your mood and what you are looking for entertainment.

Warning; We are half way through series two – so if you have not seen these episodes, spoilers may follow.

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