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Undoing Public Education

Commentary: Damage being proposed for public education

max-P1020481We all know that this government is doing everything it can to push through an ideological driven agenda for all aspects of Australian social life. With the blessing of the cluster of Vice Chancellors, the government wants to make the system favour those with money at the expense of those from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

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Education Blunders

Comment: making serious education blunders

max-P1020481The Australian Government’s Education Minister, Christopher Pyne (one of the most annoying people around), announced before Christmas that Australia is to move to having more ‘Independent’ public schools. Most of us would be lucky to understand just what that term meant.

What does such a move from this ideologically driven government mean for the future of education in Australia?

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Education in Biodiversity and Ecology

Re-Posted from The Sustainable Settlements Institute

The urgent requirement for education to address ecology and biodiversity


Our cities and towns need to be adapted to deal with the cur­rent and future pres­sures of cli­mate change. This requires a new level of expertise. One essential element in this the education of the professionals who must deal with climate change adaptation in the design, planning and development of our urban spaces. Green wash, which is the current standard, is no longer acceptable. Continue reading Education in Biodiversity and Ecology