Pauline Hanson on excluding the artistics

Setting the record straight!

Yet again the media has misunderstood what Pauline Hanson said!

The media has long been nasty to poor Paulie and has not allowed for the fact that she often gets her words wrong.

Here’s what I think she  meant to say – so please do not take these words out of context!

“I hear so many times from parents and teachers whose time is taken up with children in the classroom where they are artistic, that it is taking up the teacher’s time with wanting to be creative. These kids have a right to an education by all means, but if there is a number of them, these children should go into a special classroom for creatives, looked after and given that special creative attention – whatever that is.

We do not want our schools swamped with artists and their creative children – they breed you know!

I think (please note media – she thinks!) that we have far too many artistic children and yet we are not providing the special islands in the Pacific for these artistic children to be housed – along with their damm artist parents.

We have to be realistic at times and consider the impact that having artistic children is having on other children in that classroom – they make them envious of the arts. That is not good. Please explain!


For those not in Australia here’s the real far more serious situation – click here.

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