Undoing Public Education

Commentary: Damage being proposed for public education

max-P1020481We all know that this government is doing everything it can to push through an ideological driven agenda for all aspects of Australian social life. With the blessing of the cluster of Vice Chancellors, the government wants to make the system favour those with money at the expense of those from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

Luckily we have people who check the small print when the government puts out the legislative documentation. An academic has written on The Conversation that outlines some very nasty ideological driven stuff that will please their colleagues in the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA).

This government really wants to do away with public education in particular publicity funded university education. It ‘s a worry! click here.

Want to see some spin by one of the Vice Chancellors – click here. She avoids many topics, such as top-heavy administrations, high ceo and executive salaries, university property development activities and the dumbing down of programs to fit a financial agenda.


Paul Costigan, 29 August 2014

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