Big Corporations and Inequity

Comment: More on Corporations and Inequity

1a34098uI had reviewed Andrew Leigh’s very good 2013 book, Battlers & Billionairesclick here. Just this week there has been announcements from an American campaign that is raining voices about the control the corporate elite have on the country and how this is destroying the planet and our civil societies. click here

Last year there was published an excellent online article about the danger facing US society due to the growth of the inequities. The authors have used history to show where this ends and how close the US may be to the time when things start to get a bit rough! click here.

Australia is now heading in the same directions given the current governments totally abysmal attitude to the electorate.  When will people actually say enough is enough? That’s what Neil Young says in his song. Is anyone listening? click here.


Paul Costigan, 15 September 2014

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