When Names Stick

Sometimes your image of particular people changes to something silly and from then on they can no longer be taken seriously

It was while I was sitting at a meeting a couple of years ago that I became quite irritated and maybe even a little bored with the posturing, the rantings and endless domination of the conversations by one particular male at the meeting.

Such bullies can be hard to challenge in these meetings. Because of their perceived seniority, the danger is that their behaviour has become so accepted to those around him day-to-day, that any challenge becomes very difficult.

These dominating types usually become quite skilled at deflecting any criticism. To add to the complexity, they are often in some form of power position and therefore the one daring to speak up ends up being criticised and then the subject of attacks, directly and indirectly.

All this and more was going through my head. He was becoming very annoying. Again.

As I had at previous meetings, I was asking myself, should I be the one to go out on my own and ask him to stop dominating the meeting.  I should be insisting, as politely as possible, that he should be more civil in the way he spoke of others not present.

I was getting close to seriously taking some actions when the unexpected happened.

I suddenly realised that his actions and his manner reminded me of Cartman from South Park.

Just as Cartman does, he ranted constantly, he was oblivious to others and his tone was not civil when he spoke of people he did not value. And to add to the new perception of him, he looked very similar (minus the beanie).

I smiled. I am not sure if it was noticed but it took a while for me to stop looking at him in this new light and to stop smiling. Ever since I have not been able to consider him in any way seriously. Cartman he is and from how he treats people still, Cartman he remains.

He goes on with his bad behaviour and I keep hearing such stories. Maybe I should have spoke up and taken the heat. Would he have changed. I doubt it.

Luckily I have left that job. So thankfully I do not have to deal with this person. But whenever his name is mentioned, it is an image of Cartman that flickers . and I smile.

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