The Bowal Yacht Squadron


The Search for Debt and Deficit Emergency: A Day with the Bowral Yacht Squadron

It’s early dawn and the famous Bowral Yacht Squadron sets out for a day’s adventure  on the high seas. This is much anticipation about the task ahead!




A day of racing out over the horizon in search of evidence of that now misplaced dreaded debt and deficit emergency. It must be out there somewhere.




Part of the fun is sailing by remote places and observing life on far islands. Unfortunately it is not possible to land on many of these islands as they have placed large signs everywhere saying  “Turn back the Boats” and “Go back where you came from”.

So the Bowral Yacht Squadron feels quite unwelcome and sails on. Obviously no debt an deficits to be found there!





Being so far from land, the Bowral Yacht Club members are very aware that dangers could spring up at any time and that the weather is no longer as predictable as it used to be. They were assured before leaving by their national leaders that these strange weather events are not linked at all to climate change and there is really nothing to worry about.




However despite all the assurances that all this unpredictable wild weather is nothing to worry about, eventually the squadron thinks it is wiser to head for home.





Thanks to the efforts of the national government, communications have improved so much lately. With fibre to the goose now in place in all our neighbourhoods, their family members have gathered around the nearest goose to hear about the fate of their loved ones battling it out on the wild seas.




Eventually as evening settles, the famous Bowral Yacht Squadron enters safe water and so another big day has come to a close. Tomorrow they will return to their desks to  sift through the evidence they have gathered about the whereabouts of that great mystery,  that famous misplaced debt and deficit emergency. It must be out there somewhere.


The End – till the next great adventure.

© photographs Paul Costigan, September 2013

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