Urbanism, Climate Adaptation and Health

Reporting on research being undertaken

Urbanism, Climate Adaptation and Health

You are urged to ‘watch this space’ for research and reports by scientists who have been carrying out research on Urbanism, Climate Adaptation and Health. To quote from their website:

Safeguarding future health in Australian cities, The CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship has funded scientists and researchers from a range of disciplines to develop adaptation strategies which will improve the health of urban populations in the face of a variable and changing climate.

The Urbanism, Climate Adaptation and Health Cluster was established in 2010 and officially launched in March 2011 at a Conference in Cairns, bringing together nine different partner organisations focusing on 7 major research projects.

Topics include:

  • Understanding and controlling mosquito vectored diseases,
  • Thermal stress and arising health implications,
  • Identifying resilient urban food systems,
  • Assessing innovative urban transport systems and effects on air pollution.
  • Accounting for the links between public health and the environment

The Cluster will help the 90 per cent of Australians living in urban areas by providing new knowledge to enable urban planners and policymakers to effectively counter threats to human health in a changing climate. It will look at new approaches to assessing health impacts to help policy makers make timely decisions in the face of unfamiliar stresses as the climate warms.

for more on Urbanism, Climate Adaptation and Health visit their website – click here

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