The Dishonesty of Stop The Boats

Reality Check on the lie of ‘Stop The Boats’

Asylum seekers comicThere’s an article from The Guardian that says it all. It is a very good reality check on the spin and lies coming out of our major political parties at the moment. Neither have been honest with the reality of the situation for refugees and both are still caught in dealing with slogans.

There are some very nasty people in government at the moment. They lie and they know they lie but being in government is what they care about. Worse still, the electorate has accepted these lies.

Hopefully 2015 will see a return to a humanitarian view of the plight of people fleeing their homelands.

And hopefully someone in our political parties will show leadership once more on such humanitarian issues. Neither of the major parties in Australia have such policies at the moment. Click here for the Guardian article.


Paul Costigan

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