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2014 Biennale of Sydney at AGNSW

Review: Visual Arts
Part 2/3: The 2014 Biennale of Sydney at the Art Gallery of NSW

The section of the 2014 Biennale of Sydney at the Art Gallery of NSW is also a mixed lot. (click here for previous post on the MCA). On the day we visited most the rest of the gallery was busy, which is normal for the AGNSW on any day of the week. As we entered the Biennale section we noted that only a few people were in this exhibition.

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AGNSW Photography

Review: Visual Arts
Photography at the Art Gallery of New South Wales

Exhibition title: Australian vernacular photography


Once again, the Art Gallery of NSW has brought together an interesting exhibition of Australian photography – click here.

This is a must see for anyone with interests in photography. Judy Annear, the curator, has brought some gems from their vast collection.

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Art Gallery Exhibitions

Review: Visual Arts

An overview of accessing Australia’s major visual art gallery exhibition programs though their websites. Date: Christmas 2013.


This is an overview of what visual arts major art galleries are telling us is available around the country this Christmas. Our major art galleries endeavour to have their local audiences come through the doors. The challenge is to convince someone interested in all manner of visual arts, including photography, to spend some of our discretionary leisure time and dollars to travel (pay airfares and accommodation) to see the collections and special exhibitions.

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Photography Art Gallery of NSW

Review: Visual Arts/Photography

Joy before the object

Not sure if you have noticed, but dedicated photography galleries within our public art galleries are now reduced to two.  There is one in the Art Gallery of NSW and one at the National Gallery of Australia (Canberra). The one upstairs at the National Art Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, recently just evaporated and the space taken over for other stuff. That’s it! Our otherwise creative and intelligent gallery directors still do not get it. People love photography and will travel to see photography exhibitions, and while they are in the building will look through other exhibitions.

So it was wonderful to visit the Art Gallery of NSW last week and to see a very interesting exhibition of photography, titled Joy before the object.

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