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Review: Visual Arts
Photography at the Art Gallery of New South Wales

Exhibition title: Australian vernacular photography


Once again, the Art Gallery of NSW has brought together an interesting exhibition of Australian photography – click here.

This is a must see for anyone with interests in photography. Judy Annear, the curator, has brought some gems from their vast collection.

As usual, the exhibition can be viewed online – click here.

But do not stop at the online images, get on your bike and visit the gallery. Take your time and enjoy the magic of the views into Australian life styles and contemporary Australia from this range of talented artists.

Judy has an eye for a good selection and it is to be enjoyed. Most importantly – take your time. And yes – there is a seat in the middle of the room to rest and contemplate.



The tile – vernacular photography – is causing a few debates. I think the curator has used a little license here as the term usually applies to the everyday photography by amateurs. It is really another way of saying snap shot photography.  Vernacular photography is a special segment of collections whereby the every day photographs of people are sorted through for that wonderful gem or two. This exhibition is more about the everyday being professionally commented on by professional photographers.

But what the heck really! It is fun to see these wonderful works again. Definitely worth the visit – and there is so much to see within the gallery.



It is a great exhibition and yet again, the AGNSW, or at least the curator, Judy Annear, is to be congratulated. click here.

Recommended: Rating 8/10.


Paul Costigan, 15 March 2014.

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