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INSIDE-STORY: by Richard Johnstone
about Sydney photographer, Sam Hood.

Australia has a brilliant history of photography. There is a host of names that have been well published and are well documented.

There are also many who had a significant contribution in their day but who have slipped out of view.

Another big contemporary question is that many of today’s contemporary photographers have archived their work but have no plans in place as to where the archive could rest once they have passed away.

Besides the work of the many public libraries that occasional take on the huge task of collecting some of these archives, Australia does not have a dedicated museum and archive for photography. Something is missing in our cultural priorities.

The issue of these photographic archives is covered in an online articles which is mainly about one of Sydney’s hard-working 20th Century photographers, Sam Hood.

Richard Johnstone has written a comprehensive article for the online magazine, Inside-Story. It is worth a read. Click here.

I aim to one day soon to do a review of the book he refers to: Why Photography Matters, by Jerry L Thompson.


Paul Costigan, 12 May 2014

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