Photographing Singapore’s public housing

Photographing Singapore’s public housing

There’s an article in Straits Times about photographer Koh Kim Chay and his decades of photographing the ubiquitous government flats of Singapore.

There’s more about this work online (click here) – and here is an extract from that online page:

Photographer Koh Kim Chay, 61, has been documenting changes in Singapore since the mid-80s. An avid street-walker and lover of old Singapore, he remembers that “[i]n Pickering and George Street, the rows of Chinese coffin shops fascinated me, and in the street market of Chinatown, I watched exotic animals being slaughtered for sale. All of these are gone. The rapid economic progress that started in the 1970s saw the demise of much of our architectural heritage”. Working with Kim Chay is photographer Eugene Ong, 39, who has edited copious amounts of negatives and researched on these vanished scenes.

Here’s another link about the work of Koh Kim Chay – click here.


The Straits Times article includes information on the work of Siyuan Ma and his work to capture the corridors within the buildings for a photography series titled Corridors of Diversity.

Click here for the article from The Straits Times online.

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