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Exhibition Review

Colour My World, National Gallery of Australia till 30 August 2015

P1110501Here’s a recommended exhibition for those with an interest in Australian hand coloured photography from the last couple of decades.

Most of the exhibition is about hand coloured black and white photographs with themes from personal, landscape to political subjects. There is also some works by photographer/artists who use collage as well as hand colouring.

There’s something uncanny and fascinating about the effect of hand colouring photographs— it is completely different to colour photograph. The artist has put their own emotion to the scene through their choice of colour.

The exhibition is upstairs in one of the special project galleries and contains enough work to engage you for at least half an hour. I enjoyed seeing works that I had not seen for a while plus a couple by photographers I know well, such as Robyn Stacey and Janina Green.

The curator has done a great job of exhibiting the works and has put together an exhibition for the lovers of photography, such as me!

I will be back for another look.

Here’s a few of my photographs of the exhibition.







Click here for a link to the NGA website with more information on the exhibition as well as the curator’s essay.

Just to make life difficult, the web designers have hidden three parts of the essay behind those blue links just below the banner photograph – why not put the whole essay on the one page?

The exhibition is till 30 August 2015 – so there’s plenty of time to see it and then return. And do not forget that there is a special photography exhibition on landscape B/W photography on the floor below.

Recommendation: Rating 9/10


Paul Costigan


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