Climate Change

Reality check on Australia

P1100254While the many in the world address climate change, the present federal government in Australia continues to prop up Big Coal and anyone else who supports them. So what’s to be done about this?

Could it be that the facts are not available? No. Here’s an article that sums up the current situation. click here.

Here in Canberra we have a local government that makes all the right noises and is doing things in the area of renewables but refuses to recognise the damage being done through its own bad planning and development of urban areas. The Chief Minister is also the minister for urban renewal, but so far has been more of a Minister for Urban Destruction. He seems to have no capacity for identifying with what the residents are looking for in urban developments, being good design that addresses climate change adaptation – not just more Property Council driven green wash.

Then there’s this report on how it can be done – click here

The future of the Great Barrier Reef – click here

and then there’s the US President who has linked climate change to the health of his children – click here.

It comes down to making the message personal, how it is effecting  you and your family and this message needs to be delivered by political leadership. Given the political class in Australia at the moment, this may be a while in coming.


Paul Costigan

2 thoughts on “Climate Change

  1. I agree with your views on our Chief Minister. To me he is viewed as a truly compromised real estate agent trying to flog off his little ACT estate to the highest bidders. Once it’s sold, our toothless ACTPLA allow developers to do pretty much anything they want. Ugly, cheap and too dense – the buildings, not our Chief Minister 😉
    As an aside, are those really houses in that photo, or small commercial developments? ! One can only assume (and hope) they are housing families of 8+ people.

    1. The houses in the photograph are two houses in Crace. I took a series of photographs of the suburb recently for a possible article on how this ‘model’ suburb has been marketed.

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