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NGV2I was reminded of the benefits of online information when it was mentioned on a UK program that the UK has listed all painting in public galleries on the one website. Now that is impressive. So I thought it was time to look again at how the galleries in Australia communicate through their websites.

Up first The NGV: The Victorian State Gallery ( state gallery with a more ambitious name)

I have mentioned this website several times previously in the last couple of years. Well we now have another one. This time I think it works well. There’s a very common style being used for websites based on meeting the technology demands of hand held devices. This new NGV site is another of those. So nothing new in the design – but I say again – it works as it is easy to find things and there is an easy access to the collections (as opposed to a previous version).


carNow for something a bit weird. The NGV is to stage an exhibition: Shifting Gear: Design, Innovation and the Australian Car. Click here. Weird because all I can do is ask: What are they thinking? Is this a sad example of marketing having too much influence? Does the NGV, one of the more popular galleries in the country, think they need to attract a ‘new’ audience?  Has the management lost confidence in their own collections of art?

Most people I know visit galleries to see art in its many forms. A car show is a car show – and belongs somewhere else. At least it means during this exhibition I can save my travel money and travel somewhere else to see an art exhibition.

Another special mention: The NGV is not to be forgiven for killing off their dedicated photography gallery. The photography audience is very dedicated and it used to be great just to wander in and see what photography was on – and then wander off to see the other collection exhibitions. I know many people who go less to the NGV now since they did away with their dedicated photography gallery. Doing away with this dedicated gallery remains a very silly decision! Someone gave bad advice on this.

Despite any of the above criticism, I do recommend a visit to this state art gallery as it has many great collection exhibitions. Many are very quiet during ‘blockbuster exhibition, and so it is a great place to engage with works from the collections.

As mentioned – Your Painting UK – click here

The National Gallery of Victoria website – click here.

Website Rating 9/10


Paul Costigan

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