Helen Garner

Review: Everywhere I Look, Helen Garner

Here’s a good read. Being a selection of essays and diary notes based on many events and sometimes those quite happenings that one observes.

I have not read any Helen Garner’s work but have a reasonable awareness of the topics she writes on. Other reviewers have related this work to previous writings – for me I had to take it all on face value.

 It is a good read – combining some very personal moments and thoughts of a couple of decades. When you identify with what she is saying, you can share the pain, the ouch! At other times there are many quiet chuckles to be had – her observations are wonderful.

I have to admit that while I likes some of her diary entries – they were too much like social media chat and for that reason I sometimes lost interest and skimmed through them. Likewise there was an essay or two towards the end when I drifted off and skimmed a bit.

But – and it is a big but – there are so many great little essays here. I will leave it to other to take about them in details.

For me this is a recommended read – rating 4/5.

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It was the review in The Saturday paper that took my interest and led to me ordering the book from Readings in Melbourne.

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