Climate Change humbug

The humbug around the spin on taking actions on climate happens internationally, nationally and locally.

In Canberra we have a host of organisations that carry on as if they are committed to taking real actions on Climate – such as the ACT Greens as part of the ACT Greens Labor Coalition Government.

The Guardian has a brilliant (if not depressing) article on this – Click here.

Of special note is the comments around offsets and hydrogen.

The ACT Greens pretend that electricity in Canberra is carbon neutral. Not so. The reality is that the ACT Government has purchased offsets through wind farms elsewhere in the country – but the electricity available in Canberra comes straight from the national grid – that is largely coal based power. Yes, better than not doing anything – but their spin is totally insulting – humbug at its best.

Now if we could get this government to stop chopping down our trees! That would be a good start.

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