Brisbane, photo-essay

Brisbane, photo-essay

Here are a few photographs taken near the Roma Street Parklands in mid winter 2014. This time of the year makes for wonderful light. Please click on any of the images to enlarge them. I enjoyed this image because of the shadows and the light, the plants were being highlighted, and of course the texture and mass of the rock wall.

P1060315Near Roma Street Parkland entrance, July 2014


The boring box takes on some for of comic life in this image.

P1060301Roma Street Parkland entrance, July 2014


I just love the mixture of light and colour. The position of the man walking adds a contrast that emphasises the mass of the highly engineered concrete structure. I was very lucky with this photo, as just as I was about to take it, the train to the right paused, just long enough before it then reversed away.

P1060306Near Roma Street Parkland entrance, July 2014


In the next photograph, someone is having a laugh about garden design. This is a photograph of the railway station next to the parkland. Look closely at the little garden in the middle of the image. (click to enlarge) Is this the real Roma Street Parkland?

P1060217Roma Street Railway Station, July 2014


Signs are always great fun.

P1060312Roma Street Parkland entrance, July 2014



and now for a few more from elsewhere in Brisbane

streets-P1060123CBD, July 2014 (lights, camera, action)


P1060329QUT, July 2014 (heritage university)


P1060068South Brisbane, July 2014 (pedestrians by San Luca at night)


P1050917Vulture Street, South Brisbane, July 2014 (Vulture Street landscape art)


Hos-P1050918New Children’s hospital, South Brisbane, July 2014 (All welcome)


P1040836West End, Brisbane, April 2014


P1040969West End, Brisbane, April 2014 (Being Greek)


P1040974West End, Brisbane, April 2014 (Coffee and snacks)


P1040976West End, Brisbane, April 2014 (intersection of aesthetics)


P1040902West End, Brisbane, April 2014 (Contemporary closes in on heritage)


P1040898South Bank, Brisbane, April 2014 (These lights take forever to change!)


P1040848West End, Brisbane, April 2014 (sunny Brisbane)


P1040837West End Police Station, Brisbane, April 2014


P1040964South Bank, Brisbane, April 2014


P1060379Queensland Gallery of Art, Brisbane, July 2014


P1050966Queensland Gallery of Art, Brisbane, July 2014 (Art of Twitter)


P1060099CBD, Brisbane, July 2014 (Taking in the light)


Paul Costigan, 6 July 2014

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