Australian 2021 Budget farce

when most media fall for the spin

With the 2021 Australian budget announced last night, the sad part is the way most in the media accept the spin.

This budget is a farce.

It is about taking minimal steps to clean up the nasty profile that  the federal government has created for itself.

They are a mean lot.

They are mostly blokes who are there to benefit themselves and their supporters at the cost of the general population.


The best commentators so far are these three:

Alison Pennington: Why I won’t swallow the ‘pink’ budget pill

Michael Pascoe: The Band-Aid Budget helps, but it’s no cure

Ross Gittins: Missed it by that much: good effort at marketing misses the main chance


The photos above  make it clear what the basic problem of this government is and till that changes – there is little chance that they could ever see what their problem is.




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