Art in the Streets

Street Art – A collection of images – in progress

Much of the current crop of graffiti and street art consists of the signatures and/or some brightly coloured clichéd scrawls. There’s also the more subtle and creative.

The latter is so much more fun. And things that bring a smile when everyone wants to be ever so serious about anything and everything, must be a good thing. Bring it on.

Dicksonart-1010186This piece of street art from the Dickson shops has somehow managed to survive. It appeared at the south entrance to the shopping centre and has so far been left alone by the local authorities as well as by other graffiti makers. It is fun to approach so I hope it survives much longer as much of the other walls in the centre are drab and many are not looked after.

Bansky recently anointed himself as artist in residence for New York and delivered not only graffiti art but a few other punchy items as well.

Check out his web site for October in NY.


here’s a few more images and I am collecting more of these now ..




This little image seen in Chippendale, Sydney (will sing for money)




a side of a house in Fitzroy Melbourne




and then over in Queanbeyan – always good to see a note of optimism.


and not quite on the street, but very relevant

as seen on Regent’s Canal London (Bansky I have since been told)




two more from Regent’s Canal





Watch this space for more.

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