Wind Farm Refugees

Wind Farm Refugees

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rabbott01If you have paid any attention to the wind farm debates within Australia, two names surface. One is the Waubra Foundation, and the other is their leader, Sarah Laurie. The town of Waubra has had its name used by this so-called foundation, even though it has requested that they cease using their town’s name in this campaign. As for Sarah Laurie, there have been numerous articles exposing her claims. Today there is another researcher who calls into question the claim that people have become refugees of the wind farms as they have had to leave their properties to get away from the harm caused by the wind farms.

The trouble being that our eco-friendly commonwealth government, led by the Rabbott, have continues the doubts about wind farms through having an inquiry into them. This being yet another complete waste of money. It would have been easier to get a scientific answer from the CSIRO or the Environment Department. But no, that would have produced facts not fiction. The Waubra Foundation is indeed a front for all sorts of lobbyists. Luckily others have already researched them and the evidence is there for all to see just how who is involved, and why – click here. Simon Chapman has written the piece: Who exactly are these wind farm refugees?


Paul Costigan, 11th February 2014


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