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Review: The imagined tableaux has been a fascinating area of photography from the beginnings of the art form. Personally I place this form of photography as being one of the most enjoyable and engaging forms of photography. Therefore I would always recommend an exhibition by Jeff Wall , no matter how many times you have seen his work previously.

When his work is published well in books, it remains strong and able to be enjoyed within the confines of the publication.



The exhibition at the at the Stedelijk (click here ) is not one of his larger exhibitions, but it contains works from the last couple of decades. There have been recent exhibitions here in Australia of Jeff Wall’s work such as at the National Gallery of Victoria (click here) that has a good catalogue that can still be purchased – and is not too costly.



The Stedelijk has released a small video of the installation of the works by Jeff Wall. This is a valuable little resource as Jeff talks to the curator about how some of the works have come about as well as some comments on how the works are not fiction – but rather are parts of the imagination.


I do urge anyone who can to see this exhibition (closing very soon) or any other Jeff Wall  exhibition and to take the time to get past the simple wonderful colour tableaux and to unpack a few of Jeff Wall‘s messages within.

While the photographs look casual, most of it is staged and Jeff Wall  takes his time to capture the image – taking days and weeks at a time. They are to be enjoyed over and over again. The images below are from the Stedelijk’s own web site of the exhibition hang.



and if anyone would like me to personally visit the Stedelijk Museum (it was being renovated last time I was in Amsterdam) and to review this newly renovated art museum as well as the Stedelijk exhibitions – I am open to the arrival of an airfare.



I hesitate to rate such an exhibition that I have not visited – but then again it is easy

Recommendation: rating 10/10


Paul Costigan, 20 July 2014

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