Value the Landscape

 Using inappropriate systems to place a value on landscape and things of value.


There’s an article in the Guardian by George Monbiot titled:

Can you put a price on the beauty of the natural world?
Those who reduce nature to a column of figures play to an agenda that ignores its inherent value – and seeks to destroy it

To which one response online was: Great article George.

The Left ceased to be the left when it decided to use the language and terms of it’s opponents. It simply became the soft right, lost it’s history and credibility and was tied henceforth into a policy of triangulation- trying to out right the right before they could think of it.

Hence Labour loving the rich, the bankers, loving schools being taken out of local democratic control so that they can become ‘free’, free to be set up by religious nut cases, loving the security apparatus and surveillance, attacking habeus corpus, the list goes on and on as they drift ever further into the enemy camp.

The answer is to stand up and articulate a real and different answer.

Life is not a business.


The responder hit the nail on the head. I recommend the original article to anyone mounting arguments about things you value, such as the landscapes we love and cherish.

The warning is not to adopt the value system of those you oppose. I agree as I have seen too many arts and environmental arguments lost because people set out to put a value on things using inappropriate value systems. Here’s the article – click here.


Paul Costigan, 22 April 2014

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