Stop the Dames

crown-sheepOh my god! I have been denied my chance of ever being made a knight in Australia!

It has been reported that Malcolm Turnbull has turned back the knight and dames – and thus doing away with the infamous captain’s pick by the former raving abbott.

There’s a very interesting linked story to this  – that goes to explain what it was all about. The bestowing of the knighthood on the dear prince was not the main aim – it was about looking after his master.

This was reported in the Saturday paper – click here – or the main text is quoted below:

I later learn from a totally impeccable source that not only Philip but also Murdoch was due to be knighted on Australia Day, and this was rapidly kiboshed by the Queen, who retains and brandishes a right of royal refusal in these matters, and for the fourth time did not yield up a title to her detested foe, the Dirty Digger.

Her venom goes back a long way: to the 1970s when Rupert’s papers first suggested Prince Charles was a loonie who talked to flowers and hung out with Buddhists and admired old architecture and should be therefore denied the throne; and then later, in the ’90s, when the Prince of Wales was bugged when envying the tampons of his coy mistress Camilla by the all-knowing Murdoch Secret Police.

It is said that Rupert was outraged by Abbott’s failure to ennoble his bloodline, and quickly switched his support to his fellow Oxford republican, Malcolm Turnbull. Known there in 1948 as “Red Rupert” in the few Oxford circles that could stand his bumptious company, he occasionally reverts to type.

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