The Art Gallery

It’s About Seating

This image includes a view of a work by one of my favourite painters, Mark Rothko. This image was taken in the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra.


Those two people to the left are standing where I have stood often. And each time I do so, it occurs to me how much better the experience would be if I could sit. I suspect these two would have thought the same as I observed that they stayed there for at least several minutes before I left my upper level observation point.

The gallery has catered forĀ  ‘important’ paintings such as Blue Poles, hence the seat to the right. How about some more seating for other significant works, such as Rothko?

Some of us like to take our time; like to sit and take in particular art works and do not want to rush. And some of us are getting older.

Most of our public art galleries have little seating for us lovers of the visual arts, and when they do it is often inappropriate.

I am planning on raising the topic of gallery seating again and again.

PS: Apparently it is forbidden to take photos in this gallery.


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