Rorting Women

rabbitt01All the boys in the Australian Government continue to prove to the world their attitude to women. Through the recent budget processes, we had the astonishing revelation that so many women at home with children who had been using the paid leave system available to them have now been identified by this government, those wonderful band of big boys, as being rorters and fraudsters.

This is a sad chapter in the ongoing attempts to have equity to the forefront of all government policies and programs. And they started this campaign to pick on mothers, on mothers day!

There is so much that could be said on this very sad chapter in Australian politics. I think that Kristina Keneally hits the right note in her piece in The Guardian – click here.

Katy Gallagher was spot on with her comments – click here

Then we had dear Malcolm Turnbull, he who pretends to be a true liberal, saying out loud for all to hear that those female journalists on the ABC are far too aggressive (click here). I have to say I nearly choked when I read this accusation.

Seems our pretend true liberal has problems dealing with journalists who do their job, who ask pointed questions, who would really like the questions answered, who resent politicians such as Malcolm wasting time on air with their spin, and even worse, who do not act the way that pretend liberals, such as Malcolm Turnbull, would expect women to behave. Shame!


Paul Costigan

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