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An Update: Review of concert in NY

Neil Young Stuns With a Spellbinding Carnegie Hall Show of a marathon set featuring a wealth of Seventies classics 

Early last year (2013) I was blown away (literally) by the very loud concert by Neil Young and Crazy Horse. At the concert, and apparently some others around the world, many in the audience expressed some desire for Neil to play more of his older materials. And Neil Young just loves people from the audience who tell him what he should do!

Some I noticed departed half way through the concert. They had obviously not been listening to his later materials and had ignored the sign that said Neil Young and Crazy Horse. The Crazy Horse ingredient always means loud rock and grunge music.

But Neil Young has a range of performance styles. There’s a report in Rolling Stone on his performance at Carnegie Hall this month. I suspect this was the concert that many wanted to see and hear in 2013. This time it was totally just Neil Young, his guitars, other instruments and he did loads from his back catalogue.

Here’s the link to the article

from the article:

When Neil Young walked onstage for the first of his four-night stand at Carnegie Hall, nobody in the audience had any idea what sort of show he was about to present.

Neil Young treated them to an absolutely jaw-dropping two-hour and 20-minute show that focused largely on his golden period of 1966 to 1978.

It’s incredible to think that in the past five months, Young has played ridiculously loud, feedback-drenched marathon concerts with Crazy Horse all over Europe, reunited with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young at the Bridge School Benefit and put together this gentle, nostalgic Carnegie Hall show. At age 68, his voice has lost only a bit of its range, and his guitar playing sounds just like it did the first time he played Carnegie Hall.


here’s a few from you tube






Paul Costigan, 11January 2014

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