Media and Climate Confusion

The role of the Media in confusion over climate change action

As reported many times, the current mainstream media has become part of the problem in encouraging the world to act urgently on climate change.

In Australia it has become painfully obvious that media, such as our own ABC, has gone far too far in providing what they term as ‘balance’. The voices of the scientists and the weight of their reports and the mountains of evidence is ‘balanced’ by the time given to complete skeptics and their lack of scientific evidence.

So no matter how many more reports are provided to back up the case for comprehensive climate change action, the same bunch of deniers will be given air time to keep up the confusion and to slow down any progress of political and society initiatives, no matter how urgent they have become.

It is good to see that even this nasty reality, that the media is now the biggest problem to climate action, is being researched and reported on. The Glasgow University Media Group have uploaded a piece on The Conversation (thank god for The Conversation and the research it publishes) – click here.

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