Is this architecture?

local bank makes a statement

Upper Heidelberg Road as it runs through Ivanhoe in Melbourne has many buildings of interest. The street has a general people friendly feel to it. In among them is this bank building. Isn’t it wonderful!!

Once upon a time bank buildings were statements about design and good architecture. Lately maybe not so. This downgrading of street aesthetic fits with the 21st century position banks now have – with the reduction in people friendly buildings and in some cases shop-fronts crammed onto minimal sites on the street.

In the case of the local branch above, one wonders what the bank chiefs thought when they moved into this building and made it their local profile.

Did they not think that with a little outlay that they could have added some form of facade to the exterior to make this an attractive building? Looking through the front glass windows – it is even less attractive on the inside.  Luckily – not my bank.


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