Hockey meanness

The meanness of Joe Hockey

and his continued destruction of Australia’s way of life

Baz-P1020496If there was anyone left in Australia, who for one minute thought that the current Australian Federal Treasurer was anything but a mean and nasty politician, then all they had to do was observe his latest crimes. This man looks after his rich mates especially Big Coal, Banks and Big Miners; looks after this who pull his strings and keep him in power, Murdoch and their cohorts; and does all this by stripping back opportunities for health and well-being from those most disadvantaged.

There are a string of good articles on Hockeynomics and how it is a nasty set of policies being implemented by one of the meanest governments possible. But then again, people did vote these people knowing that they lie.

Here’s one on how Joe lied about making the large corporates pay their taxes:  click here.

Here’s another on another group of people about to be left to go blind thanks to Joe and his mates:  click here.

And then there is this statement “Joe Hockey’s budget update in the mid-year economic and fiscal outlook statement shows unthinking and inflexible economic policy.”  Comments that illustrate how hopeless Big Coal Joe is at being treasurer: click here


Paul Costigan


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