Hillary Clinton

The Destruction of Hillary Clinton

I have already reviewed this book – click here.

However I cannot stop pondering the challenge this story throws up for anyone interested in equity, fairness, and the role of the media in so many aspects of our daily lives.

If we had a real media, this story would have been totally different. Instead what happened here was the total manipulation of the media and through them members of the public, by all forms of malicious groups of people and individuals.

I am not going to repeat all that I said in my previous post – click here   but I do highly recommend again that you beg, borrow and even buy a copy of this book. It is well written and an easy read except that you have to stop often to take in what happened in that election.

Recommended: Rating 10/10


Another book by Susan Bordo – I have yet to read it – but will be purchasing it soon.

The Creation of Anne Boleynclick here.





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