Apple MacBook Pro 2016

This is a follow up to a previous post back in 2016 – when I questioned some of the ‘innovations’ being offered in the new MacBook Pros.

I have been thinking on this again following a colleague’s query about whether she should be buying a new MacBook Pro.

I have to say that the machine is a great buy – but that I am fortunate to have bought the earlier model.

As I said in the previous post, the former mac was good enough and I was not impressed with the innovations on the new ones – and not impressed with what went missing.

With this on my mind – I was interested in an article just out that also criticised the innovations – saying that enough was enough.

Click here for that article.

Any upgrade that makes them more responsive and faster is always welcomed – but enough of all other gimmicks.

PS: it is not that heavy – so please give up the quest to be the lightest.


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