Apple MacBook Pro 2016

I have been buying apple computers since about 1991. Most of time I have been very impressed.

Every now and then I have seen a dud or two or a product that seems as though it was put out for the consumer to adapt to.  I remember the Apple Computer that was also a TV. It died very quickly – very quietly disappearing.

I also remember the curses when apple decided with the first iMac that we no longer needed a disc slot. The sales of dongle thingys to allow us to use our discs were enormous that year.

And so we come to the new Mac Book Pros in 2016. Apple has decided that we no longer need an Ethernet port, any USB ports and whatever that was that connected those older or slightly screens of ours.

The new machines look wonderful – but I am so glad I bought the last of the older model. All my thingys still connect.

As for anyone travelling with one of the new machines – they must now carry a small heap of thingys to plug in external discs and photo-cards.

It should have been a wonderful machine. Not quite.

I am not the only to think like this – here’s review from The Guardian.

and then there is this – click here.

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