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Peter Newman: Why climate whingers and climate deniers need to get real

Any climate change-related article in The Conversation, and indeed any newspaper, attracts some of the most diabolical discourse, the most offensive personal abuse and the most deeply felt rhetoric. It is not very elevating to read. Climate Skeptics dominate the media.

It has of course spilled over into politics and threatens to tear apart the fabric of our society.

Peter Newman hesitates to contribute any more diatribe but as someone who sees the climate change challenge as central to our generation I want to make comment.

As a lead author on transport for the International Panel on Climate Change he is going to be almost certainly dismissed at this stage of the article by the climate “deniers”.

So let he begins by saying that he have a certain sympathy with them as they respond endlessly to the debate by asserting that human beings are not so stupid as to wreck the planet.

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