Christmas Stories

Photo-essay: Photographs of Christmas 2013

A collection of photographs gathered more or less locally.  

there two more collections – here and here

We were traveling back from Sydney and made a stop over for dinner at Bowral. There’s a good take away noodle shop half way down the main street.

I took the time to observe the Christmas decoration in the local shops. (click on any image to enlarge them)

Here’s an image in the R M Williams window.



Real Estate Agents do not get too generous with their decorations. Maybe the ‘sold’ stickers are part of the Christmas messages.




This next one was a bit wild and glittery.




May you all have a sultry Christmas.




It is about toys. All sorts of toys. (click on any image to enlarge them)




The local politician believes it keeping to a low-key Christmas. This is her main street electoral office window. Not much fun to be had here I suspect.




In downtown Braidwood the shops do not go overboard with decorations. Here’s few.






I have noticed a trend towards a secular Christmas. There are not many baby jesus to be seen in all the decorations.



Here’s a couple of letter boxes on the road back to Canberra from Bungendore.






Meanwhile back in Canberra, in the new apartments on the outskirts of Watson, someone is sending out a signal that despite the bare urban surroundings, they are could be in a celebratory mood.



and down at the local fruit and vegetable markets, the management have taken on the corporate Christmas



and below is an inside the gate view of the above – complete with the special corporate guard thingy.




Then there are those who are making merry in a very quiet way in the neighbourhood. This small bottle brush bush has the role of being a very Australian Christmas tree – a miniature cheer to all passers-by.



and I nearly missed this subtle celebratory notice. That’s small bauble on the street number (click on the image).


Merry Christmas


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