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Using Parking Meters in Climate Change


parkingmadridThere are all sorts of stories in circulation in Canberra as a result of the decision to introduce paid parking for all areas within the Parliamentary Triangle. This has a big impact on those who work in the area. Some public servants are devising clever tricks to continue to have free parking.

This will also mean that visitors will now have to pay to visit the national institutions and have limited time to visit. This could be a marked change in how visitors regard the national cultural institutions. I know as a local, it will mean less visits to these institutions.

As it happens, in one allied agency the workers there had a scheme to watch for parking inspectors in the lot in front of the building. This has come undone and they have been warned – click here for the story.

Parking meters have all sorts of uses. Madrid is introducing a type of parking meter that will charge more for cars that pollute more. This is aimed to reduce the amount of emissions in the city.

Now that could be an interesting idea for the new meters in Canberra. But given the state of the federal government at the moment, and the National Capital Authority’s propensity to not do much, I doubt such any such innovation would be adopted.

Meanwhile the article about Madrid and parking meters is worth the read – click here.

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