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Urbanity: Breakfast in Canberra
Deakin: Double Shot (2nd Review)

I have an earlier post on the this cafe – click here

I have visited this place often and have to say that is often quite busy with social groups, business meetings and all sorts of gatherings.(good)  The music is too loud to the extent that it usually hinders easy conversation (bad).

This place has now an established reputations as being the gathering place for  yummy mummies. They take over sections of the cafe and talk loudly across the tables to each other and allow their children to use the place as a playground. (annoying!). Add their noise to the loud boof boof music, and the place is no longer welcoming to those wanting a quiet conversation. (Very Bad)

I have had to move tables to continue conversations and not be surrounded by other people yelling at each other. Yummy mummies in large groups are to be avoided.

On this day we arrive about 11.15 am Thursday. The yummy mummies were present especially out back – but those in front were in the process of leaving (thank god).

Breakfast was till being served (very good). Service on this day was too attentive – the new waiter insisted on taking orders before we had even sat down – we resisted her several attempts and then were ignored for a while. (bad). Another waiter eventually attended us. The coffee arrived quickly – but it was not hot. (bad) I ordered the carrot & potato rosti stack, described as oven roasted tomato, buffalo mozzarella, chard & red mojo sauce – $16. It was well presented but the overcooked battered stack had lost any taste due to being nearly burnt (bad).

As we were wanting to talk more, and the coffee was not good, I ordered a lemon/ginger tea. Tea comes on a very heavy board (why?), with a pot of hot water and a tea bag. After much effort, I could not get a strong taste; that is, the tea was weak to the extent of being almost tasteless. I suspect the water was not hot enough. (bad). But to ask the obvious – why not serve real tea?

So in this case I have to report that there was little about this food experience to warrant any form of positive recommendation.

Some warnings: watch out for the yummy mummies noisy and thoughtless gatherings. Demand hot coffee. As for the food, try something else – I remember the bruschetta as being good. The boom boom music is a nuisance (not pleasant).

Please note, the comments on Yummy Mummies is not about parents with children enjoying themselves in cafes. This is very clearly about a certain style of immature groups of parents who treat cafes and other public spaces as extensions of a playground. This topic was dealt with very accurately by an article in the Guardian – click here.

and here’s another UK article – click here.

The Deakin location is great – but alas, maybe I should try somewhere else.

There’s other reviews online – click here


Recommendation: Rating 4/10


Paul Costigan, 29 March 2014

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